Have you ever noticed how you feel when you are knitting/crochet? Have you noticed that when you feel stressed your work tightens up and when you feel relaxed your work loosens up? I know I do!

Have you ever noticed how learners hold onto their needles/hook and yarn as if their lives depended on it? Of course you have….we have all been there. When first mastering knitting/crochet, we feel tense and unsure of how to manage the yarn, and how to hold the needles/hook. Our hands get sweaty, our neck and shoulder muscles tense up and as a result our work tightens and becomes uneven.

But anxious and tense feelings are not exclusive to learners. Oh no! Even the most seasoned crafter and designer experiences moments of stress – none more so than when they are getting to grips with a new technique or a complex stitch pattern. We can all fall prey to tense moments when stitching.

And so this brings me to what I believe is the Secret to Successful Knitting and Crochet which is to……..

By relaxing into your work you have a greater chance of experiencing what is known as ‘Knitting/Crochet Flow’ – the trance like state that happens at times of intense engagement with your work. The feeling of flow is what makes knitting/crochet so addictive.

Over the years I hsecret-1ave learned to check in with myself before I pick up a project. Sometimes if I’m feeling anxious I will work on something easy and repetitive that will quickly achieve ‘flow’. Other times, when I’m feeling chilled and in a good frame of mind, I will attempt something more challenging. But I don’t always get it right. Often times, a project will get the better of me and on these occasions I put my project on ‘time out’. Arguing with my stitches is futile.

So whether you are a learner starting out, developing your abilities or you are an experienced stitcher, seeking out a new challenge, remember to check in with yourself before you pick up a project. Ask yourself, are you feeling relaxed?

Now you know the important Secret to Successful Knitting and Crochet.

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