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The story of Unravel could date back to 2010…when Denise Pinnegar first established her Irish craft business…or it could date back to her school days…or even her childhood, when she was first enchanted by knitting and crochet. Whenever it started, her passion is to make beautiful things that are stylish as they are unique.

Denise only uses natural yarns in the design and creation of bags, gloves, jewellery and headwear. There are three yarns that she works with at her county Wexford studio: Bouclé Mohair, Cotton Chenille and Pure New Wool – all of which are sourced here in Ireland.

For me, natural yarns are a joy to work with,” says Denise. “Generally, they are softer, gentler and easier to use than synthetic yarns…which tend to have less elasticity and ‘squeak’ when worked on the needle or hook. Personally, I prefer to work without sound effects.

A lot of time and love is invested in a hand knitted / crocheted garment. I have always believed it is important that the quality of the yarn used in a garment reflects this. In essence nothing beats natural yarn!”

Every business has an interesting story to tell and, for Unravel, one chapter offers an enlightening detour: during Denise’s twenties her interest in architecture led to a nine-year career as a building surveyor. Construction and craft might seem poles apart but the mathematical rationale and discipline of architecture is more complementary than first appears. It influenced Denise’s designs by concentrating her efforts on simplicity and quality…these have become her hallmark.

During the 2000s, as Denise’s passion evolved into a business, the demand for her Irish products quickly exceeded supply…and expectations. This led to an opportunity to expand Unravel while maintaining its success.

An innovative route was chosen and she introduced Knitting & Crochet Fashion Accessory Kits, which she assembles by hand. Now, customers can choose from high quality Irish wools and accessories to make one of Denise’s fashionable designs for themselves.

Creating beautiful, contemporary and quality crochet and knitwear is at the heart of her design ethos. And now you can create it, too.

Denise is an associate member of The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland.

Unravel has been part-funded by the Local Enterprise Office, Wexford.

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