Ultimate Cheat SheetDo you find it difficult to remember how to do each type of crochet stitch?

Do you find yourself looking up how to do stitches when starting a new pattern?

Well I have the answer for you….. the Crocheters ULTIMATE Cheat Sheet!

Back in the day, my nana Peggy taught me to crochet when I was 8 years old. Somehow remembering how to crochet each stitch was easy for me.

Fast forward 25 years. When I was starting a family and just getting back into crochet, I developed baby brain (i.e. sleep deprivation leading to sieved brain syndrome). For the life of me, I couldn’t retain how certain stitches were done. I found myself continually asking questions like…’how many times should I wrap yarn around hook for this stitch’ or ‘how many chains should I count on the foundation row?’ As for crochet symbols and charts, they were a completely alien language to me. I would go so far as to say I cowered at the sight of a crochet chart.

So, being a practical kinda gal, I decided to do something to make things easier. I created cheat cards for myself as a quick reminder on how to crochet stitches. I even had the cards laminated. They made things sooooo much easier. I no longer had to look up how to do stitches, instead I’d whip out my little cards and hey presto, I could get on with my crochet. To this day, I keep the cards tucked inside my notions case and yes, from time to time I refer to the cards (particularly for certain crochet symbols)……that’s it, my secret is out!

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Now fast forward 6 years to when I started teaching crochet and you know what I found…yep, you guessed it, learners were having the same problem remembering stitches. Of course, I was only too happy to introduce them to my cheat cards (ok….I may have felt a little smug).

So, I’m guessing that any number of you out there who are learning to crochet are experiencing the same problem. Or maybe some of you, like me, know how to crochet but get confused by certain stitches/symbols from time to time. Well, I have compiled the following Crocheters ULTIMATE Cheat Sheet for you….

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You can down load a pdf version of the Crocheters ULTIMATE Cheat Sheet here and print it off on A4 paper. Simple!

When you do print it off, be sure to laminate it. That way your cheat sheet will stand a chance of surviving all the gear you are sure to stuff into your project bag over the course of your life as a crocheter. Hope you find it helpful!

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