Learn about my crochet design story behind NESSA, a funky Hooded Scarf, through fashion sketches, tension squares & learn what inspires the name

Crochet Design Story – ‘NESSA’ Hooded Scarf

The concept of telling the story of how I design a garment is something that I have been toying with for sometime now. If truth be told I never used to record where I got inspiration from, and although I might make some sketches and take some notes during my design journey, I found myself asking questions. Where do I start? How can I visually tell my story?

To begin telling the story of a design, I needed to understand how I approach design. Upon reflection and to my surprise I realised that the way I actually approach knit/crochet design is akin to the way I approached designing a building during my days as a Surveyor. Who’d have thunk it…that attending ‘Architectural Practice’ classes as a college student would stand to me in years to come when I set up a craft business!

please share this with others...
please share this with others...
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