Welcome 2016! A fresh start, a clean slate, a time to make plans and to look ahead to the next 12 months that will undoubtedly see new challenges and achievements. Since starting Unravel back in October 2014, one of my biggest challenges has been making a connection with people on social media, that and the fact that I don’t post consistently! On a daily basis, I torture myself with thoughts of…..

Unravel Knit Blog Jan 2016

I drive myself crazy overthinking Social Media (SM) and as a result I have become the biggest SM Procrastinator. Hmm, I wonder if there’s a help group for SMP’s? Seriously though, I envy those people and small businesses who effectively use Facebook, Instagram etc. to really connect with their followers.

With it being a New Year, I have decided that it is the perfect time to ditch my inhibitions, lock away my self-sabotaging thoughts and get back to basics. To begin, I asked myself the question ‘what is Social Media?’

My answer…’a platform(s) to connect with people from all over the world’.

My plan… ‘Start a conversation by asking a question, similar to what I would do in real life when meeting someone for the first time.’ Simple!

So today, without further ado, I am launching my 100 days, 100 conversations challenge. Starting today and every day henceforth for 100 days (except Sundays, cos everyone needs a day off), I will ask you a simple fun question on my social media channels…Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The aim of the challenge is to help me commit to Social Media for 100 days, to become acquainted with new people, to get to know you my existing followers and for you to get to know me. That’s it, there is no other agenda…well there is one, to have fun!

The hashtags that I will be using for the challenge are:



These will make it easy for you to follow the thread of my challenge, should you wish to join in and I sure hope you do.

…and so this brings me to the first question of the challenge, a nice simple one to start…….

Unravel Knit Blog Jan 2016

Ten guesses as to what my favourite colour is……..

Come join me and my daily conversations, by visiting Unravels Social Media Accounts or by using the super easy share buttons on the left or blow.

I look forward to chatting with you.

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